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About Us

We’ve worked in business development for over 25 years, so we know the ins and outs of taking a business to the next level. The skills and strategies we’ve developed over the years are put to work for you, helping you and your business reach your full potential. We keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry, always remaining up to date on the latest business trends and adding

to our network of contacts.


We believe in doing good work for good people. Our work is carried out with thought, diligence and conscience. We always operate with our client’s goals in mind and don’t stray from that path. We believe that opportunity arises from strong relationships, diverse networks and solid brand reputation: that’s why we invest time in building sturdy bridges between ourselves, our clients and our long list of industry contacts.

We speak authoritatively but personably, offering a friendly and affordable service that adapts to your unique needs. We’re generous with our time, doing everything that’s required to bring the best possible results and giving great value for money.

The work we do is collaborative, meaning we get to know you, establish your goals and work together to help you get there. Our work is done proactively and on our own initiative, meaning opportunities are capitalised upon quickly and without delay. When you work with us, your goals are our goals and your business is our business. We work as one to bring the best possible results to your door.


Bee2Bee is run by Claire Leaman, a business consultant with over 15 years experience in the property and construction industry. Claire started Bee2Bee in 2019 after working with well respected companies in the industry. Her wealth and experience and her drive to deliver industry leading services are what makes Bee2Bee the successful consultancy it is today’.

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